Welcome to the Wise County Sheriff’s Office web page.  We seek to provide our citizens with information about criminal activity and offer avenues for reporting information or concerns to the Sheriff’s Office.  Included on our site are links associated with public safety and criminal justice topics.  Please pay special attention to the programs designed to solicit citizen input. With information presented here you will be able to keep up with current events, court decisions, and other items that impact our county.

The Sheriff’s Office is the public safety division of county government.  We are constitutionally charged “conservators of the peace.”  It is our responsibility to provide service and protection to our citizens, to respond to emergencies, to investigate crimes, and set forth the factual investigative findings to our prosecutors’ offices.

Our mission also includes:

• Recommending preventive security measures to help keep our citizens from being victimized

• Coordinating public safety activities in the county with other public safety agencies

• Maintaining a safe, secure, and  cost efficient detention facility for those charged with criminal activity

• Our long-term mission is to educate the public and implement programs that will help to keep Wise County citizens safe and secure

Our goal is to represent the citizens of Wise County and to present a professional Office of steadfast service and unwavering protection.  Our badges carry with them a heavy responsibility.  Recognizing that, we walk beneath the banner of public trust, and we will serve without personal agenda while maintaining a level of proper transparency.
Lane Akin Wise County Sheriff


Mass Notification System

From localized power outages, to road construction projects, to wildfires, and criminal activity,

CIVICPLUS enables law enforcement  to quickly alert individuals in the affected area.

To join the mass notification system click on the link below:




The Wise County Sheriff’s Office and LexisNexis Risk Solutions, recently partnered to provide a new way for the public to stay informed about crime in Wise County. The Sheriff’s Office now has an online crime map called Community Crime Map ( http:/communitycrimemap.com/ ) that maps and analyzes crime data, alerts Wise County citizens about crimes in their area, and allows the sheriff’s office to quickly alert the public about crimes as they occur.
Wise County citizens can view a map and grid with all of the crimes in their area, sign up for neighborhood watch reports that automatically email a breakdown of recent crime activity, and submit an anonymous tip about a crime directly to their law enforcement agency.
Community Crime Map automatically syncs with the Wise County Sheriff’s Office records system to keep crime information updated online and in the mobile app. Community Crime Map cleans and geocodes the crime data, then displays all of the incidents on a map, grid and analytics dashboard along with some basic information about the incidents, including the type of crime, location type, block-level address, date and time.

Wise County Crime Stoppers Hotline

940-627-8477 or 1-800-643-8477


“Web Tips”

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