Criminal Warrants


Angela Sessums, Warrants Manager is responsible for entering criminal warrants, and protective orders that are generated from various courts in Wise County. These documents are entered in the Sheriff’s Office in-house computer, as well as TCIC(Texas Crime Information Center) and NCIC(National Crime Information Center). Any status changes that are made on any of these documents are also updated when required. The Sheriff’s Office enters criminal warrants that are issued from the following courts. If you have any questions regarding documents from these courts can contact Angela Sessums, Warrants Manager at the Sheriff’s Office. You may also contact the court that issued the document:

  1. Wise county District Court (271st Judicial District)
  2. Wise County Court at Law
  3. All Wise County Justice of the Peace Courts

Individuals may check for active warrants through the Wise County Sheriff’s Office at (940) 627-5971.