Property & Evidence

Records / Property & Evidence Manager

Sendy Reynolds the Property & Evidence Manager for the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for receiving all evidence and seized or abandoned property that is brought in by¬†deputies, as well as sending certain pieces of evidence to appropriate labs for testing and analysis. The property or evidence that is brought in is logged and stored in the evidence room until the case is concluded.

Due to state requirement of maintaining the integrity of evidence, there is only one person who has full-time access to the evidence room. Therefore, persons wanting to retrieve personal property that is ready for release must call the Sheriff’s Office to make an appointment for picking it up and provide the Property Manager with the case number. Requests to pick up released property can be made Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm by calling¬†940-627-5971.

Once a person has been notified by certified letter to pick up their property, they have 90 days (in accordance with Art. 18.17 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure) to retrieve it. If the property is not claimed within 90 days from the notification date, it will be sold at auction or be destroyed.

Persons wishing to claim their property must bring their certified letter and proof of identification with them. The person must be the actual owner of the property or an agent of the owner with a notarized letter from the owner giving them permission to retrieve it. Property owners who are convicted felons are required to have an immediate family member act as their agent for the property.