Vehicle Impound

Wise County Sheriff’s Office Vehicle Impound

Hours are 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

To retrieve a vehicle from the Wise County Sheriff’s Office impound you must first call the Sgt. Sutton at (940) 627-5971. An appointment can be made to meet the impound officer at the Sheriff’s Office to pay impound fees. You must be the registered owner and have a picture identification to retrieve your vehicle from the impound. Once the paperwork is complete the impound officer will then take you to the impound to retrieve your vehicle.

If your vehicle is not in running condition it is your responsibility to bring the equipment necessary to remove said vehicle from the Sheriff’s Office Impound.

Vehicle/Mobile home/Construction Equipment Storage Fees:

Under 25 feet long, per day or part thereof                                                $20.00

Over 25 feet long, per day or part thereof                                                  $35.00

Over 50 feet long per day or part thereof/per unit                                      $50.00

Notification Fee                                                                                           $50.00

Notification for garage keeper or Sheriff’s Sale/per vehicle                         $35.00

Impound preservation-protection service fees                                             $20.00