Specialized Enforcement Division

SED PatchThe Wise County Sheriff’s Office Specialized Enforcement Division is tasked with providing both marked and unmarked patrol of 923 square miles of Wise County.

Deputies assigned to Specialized Enforcement have received specialized training in the following fields and enforce the following:

  • Traffic Enforcement
  • DWI Enforcement
  • Canine Handling
  • Criminal Interdiction
  • Marine Safety Enforcement
  • Fugitive Apprehension

The Specialized Enforcement Division is commanded by a Lieutenant with the assistance of two Sergeants.

Deputies assigned to this unit not only patrol on land, but they also have the ability to patrol the waterways within Wise County with the use of a 22’ marked patrol boat. The Marine Enforcement Unit can respond to emergencies, assist any stranded boaters and help ensure the citizens on the county waterways remain safe while having fun. The agency’s patrol boat is equipped with side-scanning sonar to assist with locating any underwater emergencies. Some deputies are certified SCUBA divers that can assist with any rescues or recoveries. The Marine Enforcement team works to augment the Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens assigned to Wise County.

The Canine Unit has a certified canine trainer who oversees both the training of the unit’s dogs as well as the handlers assigned to their four legged partners. Our dogs have several certifications, to include narcotics detection, search and rescue and apprehension. The canine handlers assigned to this division work in conjunction with other officers both within Wise County and also surrounding agencies.

Deputies assigned to the Traffic Enforcement Unit are responsible for assisting with any traffic related complaints. The Traffic Unit is supervised by a Sergeant. These deputies have also received specialized training to enforce DWI laws. The traffic deputies work very closely with other agencies within Wise County. They assist the municipalities with any major traffic hazards as well as assisting Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers with any major accidents on the county roadways.

Finally, the Fugitive Apprehension deputy works hand in hand with our local courts to attempt to locate and apprehend those that may have any outstanding warrants for their arrest. This deputy is a liaison for the U.S. Marshal’s Office fugitive task force and assists with the apprehension of those individuals with federal arrest warrants. Other duties for the fugitive apprehension deputy include, but are not limited to, conducting surveillance on individuals that have active arrest warrants and conducting investigations on those individual who are being sought. Other deputies assigned to the Specialized Enforcement Division assist with the apprehension of fugitives when called upon.