LOCAL ENTITY ELECTION - MAY 6, 2023

  • First day to apply for a ballot by mail: Saturday, January 1, 2023
  • Last day to register to vote: Thursday, April 6, 2023 (Postmarked)
  • Last day to apply for Ballot by Mail: Tuesday, April 25, 2023 (Received)
  • Early Voting: Monday, April 24, 2023 - Tuesday, May 2, 2023

                                        WHERE DO I VOTE???  

Find your Early Voting or Election Day Polling Location and Review a Sample Ballot.

                                           ELECTIONS 2023

May 6, 2023 General and Special Election

  1. City of Alvord Ordinance No. 2023-02-01 Order of Election
  2. City of Alvord Order Cancelling Election
  3. City of Aurora Order of Cancellation
  4. City of Boyd Certificate of Unopposed Candidates
  5. City of Boyd Resolution Cancelling Election
  6. City of Bridgeport Certificate of Unopposed Candidates
  7. City of Bridgeport Ordinance No. 2023-01 - Canceling May 6 2023 General Election
  8. City of Chico Order of Election
  9. City of Decatur Order of Election 5.6.23
  10. City of Decatur Order of Election
  11. City of Lake Bridgeport Order of Election
  12. City of Newark Ordinance Ordering Election
  13. City of Newark Order Cancelling Election
  14. City of New Fairview Order of Election (English)
  15. City of Rhome Order of Election
  16. City of Rhome Notice of Election
  17. Alvord ISD Order of Election
  18. Alvord ISD Notice of Trustee Election
  19. Boyd ISD Order of Election
  20. Boyd ISD Notice of Election
  21. Bridgeport ISD Order of Election
  22. Bridgeport ISD Notice of Election English
  23. Notice of Election - Bridgeport ISD
  24. Chico ISD Order of Election
  25. Chico ISD Notice of Election
  26. Decatur ISD Order of Election
  27. Decatur ISD May bond election--Notice of Election (final)(English Spanish)
  28. Krum ISD Order of Election
  30. Northwest ISD Order of Election
  31. Northwest ISD Order of Election - Vietnamese
  32. Notice of Election (English) - NW ISD
  33. Slidell ISD Order of Election
  34. Springtown ISD Order Calling Bond Election
  35. Springtown ISD Order of Cancellation for Trustee Election
  36. Springtown Notice of Election (English Spanish)
  37. West Wise Special Utility District Order of Election
  38. West Wise Special Utility District Order Cancelling Election
  39. West Wise Special Utility District Certificate for Unopposed Candidates
  40. Wise County Emergency Services District 2 Order of Election
  41. WCESD2 Notice of Election
  42. Wise County Water Supply District Order of Election
  43. Wise County WSD Order of Election